New PARP inhibitor combination treatment active in non-BRCA patients

New PARP inhibitor combination treatment active in non-BRCA patients

The Clearity Foundation

Deb Zajchowski, PhD


Women with recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer may have another alternative to the standard treatment with platinum-containing combinations if future studies confirm early results.  Results from a phase II trial of PARP inhibitor olaparib combined with a new drug that interferes with blood vessel formation (cedirinib) were presented at the recent ASCO meeting.   Eighty percent of the women receiving both of these oral drugs had responses compared to only 48% who received olaparib alone.   The women who took both drugs also had a significantly reduced chance of disease progression.  Prior work has emphasized the link between BRCA mutation and sensitivity to PARP inhibition.  As expected, women with BRCA mutant cancer benefited from treatment with olaparib by itself.  Interestingly, there was no additional benefit from combination with cedirinib for these women.  In contrast, women without BRCA mutations had significant benefits from this combination demonstrating a progression-free survival of 16.5 months vs. 5.7 months with olaparib alone.  For more information, click here to see a graphical representation of these results and click here to review the detailed results.


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