Obesity and Weight Gain in Ovarian Cancer

Obesity and excessive adult weight gain may increase ovarian cancer risk in post-menopausal African American (AA) women, according to a study of 492 AA women with ovarian cancer and 696 matched controls. Researchers found:

• Obese women had elevated ovarian cancer risk, especially for BMI ≥40 kg/m2 vs BMI <25 (OR=1.72).

• Comparing highest vs lowest quartile, there was also a strong association with weight gain since age 18 (OR=1.52).

• In stratified analysis by menopausal status, the association with BMI and weight gain was limited to postmenopausal women, with a 15% increase in risk per 5 kg/m2 of BMI and 6% increase in risk per 5 kg of weight gain.

• Excluding women who used hormone therapy did not essentially change results.

To read this article written by OncologyPractice.com, click here.


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